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Glee: Fandom Intervention

Both parts Glee’s “The Hurt Locker” are, hands down, some of the more interesting episodes I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. Well, pleasure and pain, since the set offers a satiric view… Continue reading

Glee: Take (Sue) On

Say after me: it’s no better to be safe than sorry. A-HA’s famous video for “Take On Me” is one I’ll never forget. I was just a teen when it came out in ’85.… Continue reading

Glee: Puppets, Playboys, and a Boy Named Sue

I’ve read a lot of lovely discussion of “Puppet Master,” which I wasn’t able to add to much over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I wanted to write a little about it anyway just… Continue reading

Glee: The Lorax and The Tramp

In “Shooting Star,” an episode featuring a fake telescope (a Pringles can), a fake identity (katiexoxo) and a fake family (Sam, Brittany and the Tubbingtons), we are presented with a very real gun,… Continue reading

Glee: Stuck on Glue

I’m going to go call your mother. So says the nurse to Artie at the start of the holiday-themed “Glee, Actually,” the episode where all the mothers get called upon in one way… Continue reading