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Glee: Cool with Each Other

In my last post on So Thinky about Blaine and Sam’s friendship, “I Got This,” I focused on the ways “Naked” paralleled/reverse paralleled “Dynamic Duets”—and how both Blaine and Sam, as their own… Continue reading

Glee: I Got This

This Glee season’s shelving most romantic relationships has allowed for such a lovely blooming of friendships (Marley and Unique! Jake and Ryder!), but the standout for me has been Blaine and Sam’s. This… Continue reading

Glee: Sexy Teen Imbeciles

It looks like someone’s getting a younger, hotter, co-anchor! So says Rod Remington, a man who, incidentally, is neither young nor hot, at the start of Glee’s “Naked.” The newscast shares word of the… Continue reading

Glee: Snowball Effect

Can’t you just support me? —”Big Brother” Remember this? It wasn’t that long ago that Blaine spent so much time by himself. By way of contrast, here’s some of what we saw in… Continue reading

Glee: Words of Advice

When so many of the glee kids’ and young adults’ stories this season are about dealing with new circumstances—particularly those surrounding making it on your own (or making something of yourself or the… Continue reading

Glee: The Nocturnal Avenger Unmasked

Not so long ago, after “Makeover” aired, I wrote about Blaine playing pretend. In that episode, of course, Blaine was busy trying to deal with Kurt’s absence by joining every club he could,… Continue reading

Glee: On a Role

“The Role You Were Born to Play” features a lot of characters working on figuring out who they are and what they want to be a part of, from Finn trying out directing… Continue reading

Glee: Playing Pretend

Alright, Blaine Anderson, time to change things up. “Makeover” explores appearances, and people’s response to the choices we make about how we look. A makeover is re-imagining one’s image, making it sharper or… Continue reading