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Glee: Cool with Each Other

In my last post on So Thinky about Blaine and Sam’s friendship, “I Got This,” I focused on the ways “Naked” paralleled/reverse paralleled “Dynamic Duets”—and how both Blaine and Sam, as their own… Continue reading

Glee: Snowball Effect

Can’t you just support me? —”Big Brother” Remember this? It wasn’t that long ago that Blaine spent so much time by himself. By way of contrast, here’s some of what we saw in… Continue reading

Glee: Stepping out from the Shadows

As we begin 2013 and approach a new batch of Glee episodes, I’ve been thinking about my recent Blaine-in-the-shadow-of-Kurt post and how really, the concepts of being a shadow—a shade—of someone else extends to many… Continue reading