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Glee: Doing It

In “I Do,” a wedding happens, but it’s just pretend. Of course everyone else is pretending, too, living under illusions of various kinds— which are reflected in the many mirrors or mirror-like images… Continue reading

Glee: Fire-Breathing Dragons

They say that true divas aren’t really mortal. They’re more like the Loch Ness Monster, or Sméagol. Divas walk and they talk and they breathe . . . brilliance. The glamour shots from… Continue reading

Glee: Sexy Teen Imbeciles

It looks like someone’s getting a younger, hotter, co-anchor! So says Rod Remington, a man who, incidentally, is neither young nor hot, at the start of Glee’s “Naked.” The newscast shares word of the… Continue reading

Glee: Stepping out from the Shadows

As we begin 2013 and approach a new batch of Glee episodes, I’ve been thinking about my recent Blaine-in-the-shadow-of-Kurt post and how really, the concepts of being a shadow—a shade—of someone else extends to many… Continue reading

Glee: Words of Advice

When so many of the glee kids’ and young adults’ stories this season are about dealing with new circumstances—particularly those surrounding making it on your own (or making something of yourself or the… Continue reading

Glee: 10 Things I’m Thankful for This Season

This week it’s “Thanksgiving” on Glee. So, look: when it comes to giving thanks, it’s my nature to be sort of . . . the glass-half-empty type, the Debbie Downer, the eye-roller. In fact… Continue reading

Glee: Cheat Sheet

Now that we’ve gone through our stages of grief over “The Break Up,” we’re in a kind of limbo as we wait for the next batch of episodes (although spoilers are slowly creeping… Continue reading

Glee vs. Blee: Is Blaine Like Rachel?

These recent promo images for Season 4 are fun to think about, don’t you agree? There are other images of Glee pairs I’m sure you’ve seen out on Tumblr or elsewhere—one featuring Kurt… Continue reading

Glee: Why I’m Not Worried about Kurt and NYADA

Just like many fans, I was shocked by Kurt’s rejection letter from NYADA. But honestly, I was kind of pleased about that plot development as well as Finn’s rejection letter. It was a… Continue reading

Glee: Self-Sabotage and a Continuation of the Hippo Motif

Some quick reflection on “Choke,” everyone; hope you enjoy. I still might put together something on the Coach Avengers that was “John Madden, Black Sue, and Original Recipe Sue,” which was so, so… Continue reading

Glee: “Fannic,” Need, and the Telephone Game

Ugh, this hiatus. And this obsession. An image circulates the other day—just a still of Kurt and Blaine in Emma’s office—and panic sets in. (There should be a word for that—a word for… Continue reading