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Glee: Don’t You (Forget McKinley)

[This blog is typically spoiler-free. That means I don’t divulge or really discuss specific spoilers here. However, there’s one aspect of the rest of the season’s general direction that’s already been written about… Continue reading

Glee: Blaine, Shadows and Marley’s Ghost

As we move further into Season 4 of Glee, I am reminded of a moment from Disney’s Peter Pan, which I haven’t seen in ages. The moment I’m thinking of? When Peter loses his shadow. That… Continue reading

Glee: 10 Things I’m Thankful for This Season

This week it’s “Thanksgiving” on Glee. So, look: when it comes to giving thanks, it’s my nature to be sort of . . . the glass-half-empty type, the Debbie Downer, the eye-roller. In fact… Continue reading

Glee: Holding out for a Hero

Between some lovely fan art (by scrunchydarren) and lots of meta posts on Tumblr, an Entertainment Weekly slideshow gave us plenty of eye candy for the superhero-themed episode coming up next week, “Dynamic… Continue reading