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Struck by Lightning: It’s in the (Black)mail

As always, when I talk about movies here I’m not spoiler free, since this isn’t a review—it’s interpretive analysis.    Why are some of us selfish by nature, and some of us are… Continue reading

Glee: The Nocturnal Avenger Unmasked

Not so long ago, after “Makeover” aired, I wrote about Blaine playing pretend. In that episode, of course, Blaine was busy trying to deal with Kurt’s absence by joining every club he could,… Continue reading

Glee: The Song Choices of Blaine, Part II

Warning: Song spoilers for “Dynamic Duets” ahead . . . Back when Blaine sang “Cough Syrup,” I’d analyzed Blaine’s songs both pre- and post-Dalton, to find some patterns, namely that as a new… Continue reading

The New Normal: New Adventures in Fandom

Whether or not you’re a fan of Glee, you might be watching NBC’s new sitcom The New Normal—and probably enjoying it a lot. It’s a great show, with warm, quirky, charming characters (well, with the exception… Continue reading

Glee: Blaine Heads “To the Lighthouse”

“The Break Up” featured a seemingly throwaway reference to Virginia Woolf during a Santana flashback. In the brief moment, Santana and another girl “exchange energy.” Santana quips, “Judging by the stack of Virginia… Continue reading

Glee: Playing Pretend

Alright, Blaine Anderson, time to change things up. “Makeover” explores appearances, and people’s response to the choices we make about how we look. A makeover is re-imagining one’s image, making it sharper or… Continue reading

Glee: Analyzing Blainespeak

For a while now I’ve been gravitating toward Blaine’s incessant use of questions. If you’re not used to noticing them, here are a few examples; there are plenty more in canon. Are you… Continue reading

Glee: “See Other Side”: The Art of Staying in Motion

Early in “Brittany 2.0,” Sue examines her Head Cheerio’s recent math test, noting, “You answered every question, ‘See other side.’” On the surface, it’s just another dumb-Brittany joke, but it’s brilliant. Every “See… Continue reading

Glee: Blaine’s Busy Year in Review

Season 3 was an interesting year for Blaine. You might insert other adjectives there, of course: compelling, engaging, disappointing, confounding . . . infuriating. Regardless of your reaction, what I’m excited to do… Continue reading

Once upon a Time: Father/Mother Knows Best?

I’ll admit, there was a point mid-season of Once upon a Time where my DVR started collecting unwatched episodes. That said, once I caught up with the latter half of Season 1, some… Continue reading

Glee: We Don’t Need No Education

So last night we learned, finally, that three of the nine seniors are going off to college (Mercedes at UCLA, Quinn at Yale, Rachel at NYADA). As Emma said early in Season 3,… Continue reading