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Glee: Cool with Each Other

In my last post on So Thinky about Blaine and Sam’s friendship, “I Got This,” I focused on the ways “Naked” paralleled/reverse paralleled “Dynamic Duets”—and how both Blaine and Sam, as their own… Continue reading

Glee: I Got This

This Glee season’s shelving most romantic relationships has allowed for such a lovely blooming of friendships (Marley and Unique! Jake and Ryder!), but the standout for me has been Blaine and Sam’s. This… Continue reading

Glee: Playing Pretend

Alright, Blaine Anderson, time to change things up. “Makeover” explores appearances, and people’s response to the choices we make about how we look. A makeover is re-imagining one’s image, making it sharper or… Continue reading