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Glee: Doing It

In “I Do,” a wedding happens, but it’s just pretend. Of course everyone else is pretending, too, living under illusions of various kinds— which are reflected in the many mirrors or mirror-like images… Continue reading

Glee: Words of Advice

When so many of the glee kids’ and young adults’ stories this season are about dealing with new circumstances—particularly those surrounding making it on your own (or making something of yourself or the… Continue reading

Glee: On a Role

“The Role You Were Born to Play” features a lot of characters working on figuring out who they are and what they want to be a part of, from Finn trying out directing… Continue reading

Glee: Cheat Sheet

Now that we’ve gone through our stages of grief over “The Break Up,” we’re in a kind of limbo as we wait for the next batch of episodes (although spoilers are slowly creeping… Continue reading

Glee: Extreme Women, Adult Edition

As promised, I’ve been contemplating the adult women that make up the Gleeverse, and I trace my current motivation to do so to Sue’s recent plot development vis a vis her plan for pregnancy, which in… Continue reading