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Glee: Fire-Breathing Dragons

They say that true divas aren’t really mortal. They’re more like the Loch Ness Monster, or Sméagol. Divas walk and they talk and they breathe . . . brilliance. The glamour shots from… Continue reading

Glee: Sexy Teen Imbeciles

It looks like someone’s getting a younger, hotter, co-anchor! So says Rod Remington, a man who, incidentally, is neither young nor hot, at the start of Glee’s “Naked.” The newscast shares word of the… Continue reading

Glee: Snowball Effect

Can’t you just support me? —”Big Brother” Remember this? It wasn’t that long ago that Blaine spent so much time by himself. By way of contrast, here’s some of what we saw in… Continue reading

Glee: Stuck on Glue

I’m going to go call your mother. So says the nurse to Artie at the start of the holiday-themed “Glee, Actually,” the episode where all the mothers get called upon in one way… Continue reading

Glee: Cheat Sheet

Now that we’ve gone through our stages of grief over “The Break Up,” we’re in a kind of limbo as we wait for the next batch of episodes (although spoilers are slowly creeping… Continue reading