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Glee: Third Party Intervention

Lately I’ve been thinking about Kurt and Blaine and the ways they relate to and communicate with each other, partly because 1) we’ve been given an interesting contrast this season through Sam and… Continue reading

Glee: Cool with Each Other

In my last post on So Thinky about Blaine and Sam’s friendship, “I Got This,” I focused on the ways “Naked” paralleled/reverse paralleled “Dynamic Duets”—and how both Blaine and Sam, as their own… Continue reading

Glee: A Feud by Any Other Name

Fight. Battle. War. There are plenty of words that could be used to depict the basic idea of characters in combat with one another, which makes up the bulk of the action in… Continue reading

Glee: Doing It

In “I Do,” a wedding happens, but it’s just pretend. Of course everyone else is pretending, too, living under illusions of various kinds— which are reflected in the many mirrors or mirror-like images… Continue reading

Glee: Fire-Breathing Dragons

They say that true divas aren’t really mortal. They’re more like the Loch Ness Monster, or Sméagol. Divas walk and they talk and they breathe . . . brilliance. The glamour shots from… Continue reading

Glee: I Got This

This Glee season’s shelving most romantic relationships has allowed for such a lovely blooming of friendships (Marley and Unique! Jake and Ryder!), but the standout for me has been Blaine and Sam’s. This… Continue reading

Glee: Sexy Teen Imbeciles

It looks like someone’s getting a younger, hotter, co-anchor! So says Rod Remington, a man who, incidentally, is neither young nor hot, at the start of Glee’s “Naked.” The newscast shares word of the… Continue reading

Glee: The First Time Script’s Cut Klaine Duet

While there are a lot of interesting differences between the script we got from The Box Scene Project (and fans’ donations), the one moment I found the most curious to write about is… Continue reading

Glee: Snowball Effect

Can’t you just support me? —”Big Brother” Remember this? It wasn’t that long ago that Blaine spent so much time by himself. By way of contrast, here’s some of what we saw in… Continue reading

Glee: Another 50 Shades of Blaine Fiction

Late summer of 2012, I’d put together a post about fan fiction primarily centered around Blaine, focusing on the aspects of his character writers tended to gravitate towards. Since then another 9,049 works… Continue reading

Glee: Stepping out from the Shadows

As we begin 2013 and approach a new batch of Glee episodes, I’ve been thinking about my recent Blaine-in-the-shadow-of-Kurt post and how really, the concepts of being a shadow—a shade—of someone else extends to many… Continue reading

Glee: Blaine, Shadows and Marley’s Ghost

As we move further into Season 4 of Glee, I am reminded of a moment from Disney’s Peter Pan, which I haven’t seen in ages. The moment I’m thinking of? When Peter loses his shadow. That… Continue reading