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Glee: Warts and All

At the start of “Tested” we’re given a WWII era newsreel about STD’s in which the doctor, with the help of Navy boys Artie, Blaine, Kurt and Sam, explains that, “An untreated STD… Continue reading

Glee: Don’t You (Forget McKinley)

[This blog is typically spoiler-free. That means I don’t divulge or really discuss specific spoilers here. However, there’s one aspect of the rest of the season’s general direction that’s already been written about… Continue reading

Glee: Puppets, Playboys, and a Boy Named Sue

I’ve read a lot of lovely discussion of “Puppet Master,” which I wasn’t able to add to much over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I wanted to write a little about it anyway just… Continue reading

Glee: Visions of Love

Honestly, if we can get a bunch of cut-throat show choirs to stand side by side and unite in something, then anything is possible. I remember you telling me that singing this song… Continue reading

Glee: Even More Shades of Blaine Fiction

Once again it’s time to update my Blaine fiction post—this time we’ll even branch out beyond Blaine and Kurt stories to get at some pieces that explore Blaine’s new friendships with Tina and… Continue reading

Glee: Rules of Engagement

You learn anything from Finn and Rachel? So says Burt to Blaine, who’s come to him in “Wonder-ful” to ask permission to propose to Kurt. Ever since Burt asked, I’ve been wonder-ing what… Continue reading

Glee: Secret, Not Sly

Over the last couple of days on Tumblr, I’ve found myself making a few comments about Blaine and his penchant for secret meetings—and those comments are in response to “Sweet Dreams,” where Mr.… Continue reading

Glee: Baggage, “Emotion Tornados,” and Cray-Cray

Throughout “Big Brother,” we see Blaine walking with his messenger bag, only to remove it conspicuously during “Somebody That I Used to Know,” when he’s finally unloading his emotional baggage. Aside from the… Continue reading