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Glee: The Lorax and The Tramp

In “Shooting Star,” an episode featuring a fake telescope (a Pringles can), a fake identity (katiexoxo) and a fake family (Sam, Brittany and the Tubbingtons), we are presented with a very real gun,… Continue reading

Glee: Stuck on Glue

I’m going to go call your mother. So says the nurse to Artie at the start of the holiday-themed “Glee, Actually,” the episode where all the mothers get called upon in one way… Continue reading

Glee: Controlling the Narrative

“Controlling the narrative” is a phrase oft-heard in politics, and in contemporary campaigning, it’s probably the most important strategy. If you lose control of the narrative you’re trying to get others to internalize… Continue reading

Glee: Self-Sabotage and a Continuation of the Hippo Motif

Some quick reflection on “Choke,” everyone; hope you enjoy. I still might put together something on the Coach Avengers that was “John Madden, Black Sue, and Original Recipe Sue,” which was so, so… Continue reading

Glee: Extreme Women, Adult Edition

As promised, I’ve been contemplating the adult women that make up the Gleeverse, and I trace my current motivation to do so to Sue’s recent plot development vis a vis her plan for pregnancy, which in… Continue reading