Sherlock: What’s “The Story”?

This is the story we’ve been telling from the beginning. A story about to reach its climax. —Mark Gatiss, on Series IV Whatever else we do, wherever we all go, all roads lead… Continue reading

Glee: Time Warp

In Glee’s “2009,” the first part of the two-part finale, Terri gives us this bit of wisdom: Here’s what I learned in the years since I’ve left high school. There’s who you are—and… Continue reading

Glee: Fandom Intervention

Both parts Glee’s “The Hurt Locker” are, hands down, some of the more interesting episodes I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. Well, pleasure and pain, since the set offers a satiric view… Continue reading

Glee: Take (Sue) On

Say after me: it’s no better to be safe than sorry. A-HA’s famous video for “Take On Me” is one I’ll never forget. I was just a teen when it came out in ’85.… Continue reading

Glee: Learning to Fly

Have you ever fed a lover with just your hands?Closed your eyes and trust it, just trust it?Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?Have you ever looked fear in… Continue reading

Glee: Color-Coded

In Glee fandom we talk a lot about color theory, especially as it pertains to character costumes. Not every article of clothing proves meaningful. For me, it’s the larger trends and patterns that… Continue reading

Glee: Warts and All

At the start of “Tested” we’re given a WWII era newsreel about STD’s in which the doctor, with the help of Navy boys Artie, Blaine, Kurt and Sam, explains that, “An untreated STD… Continue reading

Glee: Bright Lights, Big Ennui

“New New York” is such a lovely, complex episode. One of my favorite aspects of it is the way the characters’ stories connect around the two Petula Clark songs, starting with “Downtown”: When you’ve… Continue reading

Glee: Parade of Ghosts

They were encouraged to take the shortcut. . . . Winter came, the Donner party got trapped, and they ate each other. Everybody discuss! Will’s quick lesson at the start of “Trio” alludes to… Continue reading

Glee: Don’t You (Forget McKinley)

[This blog is typically spoiler-free. That means I don’t divulge or really discuss specific spoilers here. However, there’s one aspect of the rest of the season’s general direction that’s already been written about… Continue reading

Glee: Poaching Christmas

For some, Glee’s “Previously Unaired Christmas,” would’ve been much better had it been left, you know, unaired. The fact that it’s taken me this long to rewatch and really think about it indicates that… Continue reading

Glee: Puppets, Playboys, and a Boy Named Sue

I’ve read a lot of lovely discussion of “Puppet Master,” which I wasn’t able to add to much over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I wanted to write a little about it anyway just… Continue reading